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    GeekBeat.TV is a short video show, hosted by Cali Lewis, about technology news, current gadgets, and amazing research projects that will affect your future. I have a passion for technology, and I work hard to find the most interesting, most compelling, most exciting stories out there, and tell you about them in a quick five minutes.

    You can watch GeekBeat.TV being shot live and see the production in action sometimes at CaliLive.TV

    Host, Cali Lewis

    Becoming a Geek

    When I was eight years old, I fell in love with technology when I saw my mom pounding away on the keyboard of a word processor. I made her teach me how to type and I spent every moment I could on that word processor. Soon after, my dad got a Nintendo and a “real” computer with an actual screen instead of a tiny display. When I visited him, I used that PC as much as I was allowed, and woke up before anyone else in the house to play Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt on the Nintendo. My rule was to keep the volume so low that only I could hear it. I didn’t want to wake anyone up because that would disrupt my play time!

    When I was fourteen, I started learning how to code HTML and built my first website from scratch. Then I dabbled in ASP and Java, and now of course CSS and PHP. I wouldn’t call myself a programmer by any means, but I do enjoy the process of “playing” with code.


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